Trip to Cyprus, summer 2008

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Flight to Cyprus Flight from ARN to LCA.

Flight to Cyprus

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At Apollonia Beach Hotel At Apollonia Beach Hotel, Limassol.

At Apollonia Beach Hotel

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HDR images High Dynamic Range (HDR) images.

HDR images

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At Elias Beach Hotel At Elias Beach Hotel, Limassol.

At Elias Beach Hotel

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Sunglass reflections Sunglass reflections.

Sunglass reflections

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Excursion to Fikardou Excursion to Fikardou village, approx. at Lat: 34°57'34'' N, Long: 33°10'15'' E.

Excursion to Fikardou

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In Limassol

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In Nicosia

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At the white rocks

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Flight to Sweden

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