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Trip to Cyprus, Easter 2005 This is the album of our trip to Cyprus at Easter 2005. Select a subalbum.

Trip to Cyprus, Easter 2005

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The cats: Dumle and Lessi The cats: Dumle and Lessi.

The cats: Dumle and Lessi

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Views from the apartment Views from the apartment in Segeltorp.

Views from the apartment

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Cloudy afternoon in Stockholm Cloudy afternoon in Stockholm.

Cloudy afternoon in Stockholm

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Excursion to Västerås Excursion to Västerås, a town 100 km west of Stockholm.

Excursion to Västerås

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Mum in Stockholm Mum visiting Stockholm.

Mum in Stockholm

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Excursion to Häringe castle

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At Djurgården

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Trip to Åland

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Trip to Cyprus, summer 2005

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Trip to Helsinki, September 2005

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Stockholm, October 2005

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Weekend at Södertuna castle

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Winter in Segeltorp

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Christening of Alice in Gävle

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Christmas time in Stockholm

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New Year's Eve 2005 in Segeltorp

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